Monday, 23 August 2010

Pulsars, Bruce and webcasts

Citizen Cyberscience has once again come up trumps for science. After the excitement that was Hanny’s Voorwerp in 2007 and the constant science being crunched across the globe on home computers, Einstein@home has found its first pulsar. The 3 cyberscientists that discovered PSR J2007+2722 are Chris and Helen Colvin from Iowa, US, and Daniel Gebhardt from Mainz in Germany. More details can be found in a paper published by Science.

To tie in with this amazing discovery we have Bruce Allen the Lead Scientist on Einstein@home who is talking at the Citizen Cyberscience Summit answer our usual round of questions:
Why are you going to the Summit?
I want to learn about how other groups are making use of volunteer computing, and about what else might be done in this way.
What are you going to talk about at the Summit?
I'm going to talk about the recent discovery made by the Einstein@Home project, and about what we might be able to find in the future, with the help of the public. I may also talk about some of the astronomical science that large-scale volunteer computing could enable in the future, if enough people 'signed up'.

There has been a massive amount of interest in the summit and there are a few tickets left but if you can't make it we will be doing a live webcast. We will be streaming from here. Just click on the video link at the top right. Of course it's not ready yet, the summit's not for 2 weeks so ignore the error message you get if you click on it just now, we're getting it ready.

Of course we are all media savvy here at Citizen Cyberscience Towers and we will be also using web 2.0 on the day with our twitter account @CyberSciCentre being from the horse's mouth and we will be asking people to use the hashtag #cybersci when talking about/at the event.

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