Monday, 9 August 2010

Hanny's Anwers

Back in 2007 Hanny van Arkel, a Dutch teacher, was taking part in citizen cyberscience project Galaxy Zoo, when she found Hanny’s Voorwerp.

Since then she has probably become the most famous cyberscientist in the world. She even has a section of her site dedicated to her media appearances/lectures. Well you can add our Cyberscience Summit to the list Ms. van Arkel :-)

Hanny will be talking at the summit and we tracked her down (virtually) and asked her some questions about why she is coming and what she will be talking about.

Why are you coming to the Summit?
I am attending the Summit because I think it’s great that citizens without a scientific background can easily be a part of scientific research. This has an important value to science, but it also enables those citizens to learn a lot. Besides this, in my experience, it’s a lot of fun to participate in citizen science research and therefore I think it’s important to promote it.

What are you going to speak about?
I’m planning to talk about the citizen science project Galaxy Zoo, on which I made an astronomical discovery.

We have a few busy weeks coming up preparing for the summit but we will keep bringing you updates here, on twitter and FaceBook.

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