Friday, 13 August 2010

Giant Prime Numbers

One of the speakers we are lucky enough to have coming to our event is Rytis Slatkevičius, creator of PrimeGrid - a distributed computing project for searching for prime numbers of world-record size. Francois Grey discusses his project in an article for the Cern Courier and we caught up with him to ask him two quick questions:

Why are you going to the Summit?
I believe in inspiration. It is one of the things that drive my life, and I hope that my talk will inspire more people to join cyberscience ranks. The Summit seems to be a great place to meet inspirational people, and to help to inspire people who just need that tiny nudge to shift from citizens to cyberscientists

What do you plan to talk about at the Summit?
I manage a volunteer computing project that searches for giant prime numbers, so naturally, my talk will be centered around the relation of mathematics and volunteering. I hope to disclose the story behind my project and the development of prime number discovery process. You will find out about my struggles while running the project and the incredible help that I received from ordinary (and extraordinary!) people. No math or science skills necessary!

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