Friday, 3 September 2010

Discussion questions

These are the 9 questions we are discussing at the summit now. We will be trying to get answers from the session and online (tweet with #cybersci or comment here) and build a citizen cyberscience manifesto. After the jump updated with notes from the session.
  1. How can we reach 100 million volunteers?
    • Make it competitive and appealing
    • Offer a prize tangible incentive
    • Identity or unique entry point for cc
    • Deal with the gender gap
    • Avoid image of just computers – create community
    • Manage rapid back-end growth
    • Turn credit into virtual money
    • Package cc projects with software gains
    • Lower the barrier  - computing as side-effect
    • Treat citizens with resepect
    • More media attention
    • Improve the Wikipedia page
  2. How do we involve the developing world
    • Find out what they want to do
    • Tailor your response 
    • Equip the developing world
    • Learn from north/south partnerships that work
    • Enable participants/mobile phones
    • Get CC into education
    • Combine with low tech
    • Pre-install CC software on computers
  3. How to bring together thinking and computational volunteering?
    • Dual Track projects (natural synergies)
    • Finding more complex tasks that combine VC and VT
    1. Where can we find sponsorship
      • Approach more big companies
      • Don’t sell as a free lunch
      • Make the economic argument
    2. What is the metric for success? 
      • Solve a major problem
      • Volunteer satisfaction and clear accountability
      • Solve 3 to 5 minor projects in a limited time
      • Use the metrics of the funding agencies
      • Retention of volunteers
      • Volunteers published in scientific journals
      • More media coverage of discoveries by volunteers
      • Brand name recognition
      • Changing the view of governments
    3. How can we avoid over population?
      • Don't worry, the strong will survive
    4. How to we reach 10,000 scientists?
      • Charity engine
      • Reduce barrier to entry
      • Remove distiniction between professional and citizen scientists
      • Disruptive data
      • More marketing people
      • More barbecues
      • Open science
      • Open data
      • Open source
      • Linked data
      • Scientific journals
    5. How to we get citizen cyberscience into schools?
      • Involve mre students to these meetings
      • Link CC to education standards
      • Efforts to reduce fear of science
      • Find advocate
    6. How do we get appropriate communities together?
      • Clearing house for best practices
      • Learn from pen source community
      • Create a CC journal
      • Closer collab between citzens & scientists
      • Engaging laypeople
      • Organize in person events for volunteers

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    1. My notes from the event. This has captured the comments from the discussion session